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TreeDance™ - Funny Dancing & Singing Christmas Tree

TreeDance™ - Funny Dancing & Singing Christmas Tree

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Simplify Your Holiday Decorating and Make It More Fun!

Tired of untangling lights and wrestling with intricate ornaments? Our innovative TreeDance™ - Funny Dancing & Singing Christmas Tree and elegance effortlessly to your celebrations.! 

Amplify Your Celebrations with Its Entertaining Dance Moves!

 Our innovative dancing TreeDance™ not only adds charm and festive flair but also brings the joy of dance to your celebrations.

Musical Festivity

 Immerse yourself in the holiday spirit with our simulated saxophone/guitar design, which enhances the ambiance and infuses your celebration with musical flair.


Switch-On Entertainment

By simply turning on the switch on the shoes, you can sing English songs and dance, bringing lively entertainment to your gatherings.


Material: Plush + Electronic Components

Battery required (not included) 


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